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Software architects, DBA, data engineers, analysts, product and engineering managers use our solutions for the following purposes:

  • Increasing app speed for revenue growth

    Database performance improvement reduces query execution time leads to more responsive user applications, which, according to research, has a dramatic impact on revenue growth.

  • Infrastructure costs reduce

    Increased performance makes it possible to use cheaper hardware as database servers. Furthermore, more effective utilization of database resources has a positive impact on the performance of the application itself, which makes cost reduction up to 30%.

  • Increase engineers productivity

    Engineers, with the automatic assistant at hand, able to identify the sources of problems that led to incidents with the database faster and with a broader range of competencies, allowing the same number of employees to service more projects, or to engage less expensive specialists in operational service.

  • Eliminate the wrong business decisions

    Logic error detection in SQL queries reduces the possibility of incorrect interpretation of data used by Data Team to build further hypotheses and make business decisions.

  • Data leakage prevention

    Architectural errors in database design can lead to loss or leakage of data, as well as direct loss of money in the form of lost profits or erroneous calculations. In the absolute majority of cases, these errors are not detected in the testing process.

  • Security problems detection

    Unprocessed exceptions when a request is executed; queries that return more data than necessary; queries that can lead to excessive locks - such issues are difficult to identify before it arise.

How it works

Easy to start - about 10 minutes

Automatic Way

DB logs analyzer

Semi-Automatic Way

Source code analyzer

Manual Way

Source code analyzer in browser

Get all under control

  • Anytime

    At any time, you can upload SQL-queries and updated database schema in the manual mode in the client area.

  • Anywhere

    View the history of found issues and summary statistics in the client area.

  • Immediately

    If additional issues are found after the appearance of new analyzer rules, we will inform you about it.

  • Collaborative

    Share reports with your teammates, partners, or auditors using personal links.

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  • No database connection needed

    We process only the source code of DDL/DML SQL-queries without any database connection. You choose what you want to analyze and can share any part of your queries.

  • No your data needed

    You no need to disclosure database entries. We process only the source code of DDL/DML SQL-queries without database content.

  • No need to install proprietary software

    All you need is internal database tools for extracting queries from it.

  • No application source code needed

    We do not need your application source code, SQL-queries only.

  • No source code public access

    We never publish your SQL-queries source code in any publicly available sources.

  • No public issues report access

    We never publish reports on your issues in any publicly available sources.

Platform features

  • Statement static code analyzer

    • Warning about architectural approaches affecting performance (query rewrite, index addition, etc.)
    • Code Smell warning
    • List of potential exceptions that may arise during a query call (violated UNIQUE KEY constraint, FOREIGN KEY constraint, CHECK constraint, TypeCast constraint, etc.)
    • List of affected read/write indices
    • List of affected read/write relations
    • And more...
  • Project static code analyzer

    • List of columns never used in any of the project queries
    • Unused default column values (replaced with actual values in all INSERT queries, not used in any of the UPDATE queries)
    • Unused indexes
    • Unused tables, views, materialized views
    • Warning in case of different queries referencing objects with incompatible structure inside JSON columns
    • Read-only/write-only tables
    • And more...
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